Fishnet Goddess

Rainbows, Ice-a-ma-cream, and Lemonade
2002-02-15 19:38:24 (UTC)

Valentine's Day & The Party Tonight

Yesterday was great. Ryan surprised me at work with
flowers and chocolates and a really nice faux-snakeskin
scrapbook for me to make my pin-up art collection book
with. He had actually already bought the book a couple of
weeks ago, before he knew that I wanted to make a pin-up
collection book. He had the idea that I could use it for my
collection of magazine ads. What a thoughtful gift, he is
so wonderful. And I was so surprised, I've never been
surprised at work by him before, it was so nice!! There
were balloons attached to the flowers too, and one of them
was a Buttercup balloon (Buttercup the Powerpuff Girl, not
the flower). So cute. At lunch yesterday Ry and I drove to
Pic N Save and got decorations for Gini's surprise party
tonight. We got Powerpuff Girl plates, napkins, and cups, 2
shades of blue crepe paper and one wonderful roll of
Powerpuff Girl crepe paper. Oh, and a Powerpuff girl
tablecloth. I'm excited. We also stopped by the bookstore
after work yesterday so I could give Laura her valentine
(Powerpuff Girl, of course...). Then we went home and got
ready for my surprise dinner, which turned out to be the
best dinner I've ever had, at Black Angus (I'd never been
there before, it was great!!!). I hadn't had steak in such
a long time, it was soooo good. I seriously could not walk
out of the restaurant, I was so stuffed. We went to
Diedriech's afterward, so I could relax and smoke outside,
and then we went home and watched the men's ice skating. I
love ice skating so much, I actually cried when Alexi
Yugoudin won the gold medal. Seriously. It was really close
between him and the Russian guy with the bad hair and the
American Justin Timberlake lookalike. I hate the Russian
moptop, so I was totally rooting for Yugoudin and Justin's
twin. I really wanted Yugoudin to win, and he did, with 4
perfect 6's!!! It was so amazing, and he was totally
crying, he was so happy. Russian boy got silver, and Justin
got bronze, which is very very good for someone doing their
first olympics. Anyway, I think I just got sidetracked,
back to V-Day... Ryan and I went upstairs after ice-
skating, and made good use of the bed, and of our chocolate
body paints :)
Tonight is the party for Gini! I'm so excited to see
her! Her and Coby and Miriam and Daniel and Ry and I are
all going to Palace Parl for miniature golf, and then
coming back to our house, which will be all decorated with
Powerpuff stuff. I'm so excited. Shelby flaked on us when
he was supposed to come by and go to Yucaipa with Ryan
Wednesday night to get ice-a-ma-cream, so Coby's going to
have to buy a shitload of alcamahol instead. I have to get
back to work now...