The Fallen and Damned
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2002-02-15 18:49:05 (UTC)

coffe and incest - the quinticentials

there is a little man living in the gap between my front
teeth- he is al curled up, and he refuses to leave...i fear
that he has nested for good! i cant se him in the mirror but
he talkes to my bicuspids and every once in a while he gives
me a good poke when i burn him.. .. i shall name him stan
i hope he doesnt paint the walls green-thats logic

musings on my friends:
the most fun thing to do is to make laurel happy

why cant catipillars ever grow up and forget about
lisa....he should marry the redhead instead, she is cuter
anyway - thats logic.

when your friend is very upset because she is pregnant
with her uncle's baby- ignoring her to score with the
redhead isnt nice - although its more fun - oops - thats
manners- no its logic - no its herpies

sean isnt as fun as o thought he was , the handshaking thing
is as good as it gets - oh well he is still cute, however .
. . . .. .

my mom still wants me to marry adrian

it saves time

timmy is very skinny - if done right , i could probably get
him into a pickle jar . . . . . . .

wow two pots of coffe will keep you awake for days!!!!! i
started my constant drinking of the miricle liquid at
midnight last night , drank about 6 cups - never went to bed
-it 1 46 now and i feel great!! ( a little skiddish though)

well time to haul my ass off to physics - and pee - i have
to pee a lot latly - i think it has to do with the coffe

austin was so cute in gym today - she was totatly baked and
she sat writing silly things on paper and giggling like a
little girl . . . i love her . . . . . . but she is very
unsmart somtimes . . . . .. wow bethany is here - i dont
know whether or not i drive her crazy - i think that she
thinks i a dork--i feel like one - =-- but more than that i
feel like some more coffee!!! yey