Lil. Playful
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2002-02-15 18:42:23 (UTC)


yesrturday was "joe" day (thats the name that my frined
gave valintines day it was really nice, my boyfriend really
liked his gift and that made me really happy. he came to my
work and we went out to eat, it was the first valintines
day togther it was really nice because i was with the one
that i trully love, we had a long nice talk about life and
how we felt about moving far away hes gonig to the army and
i might go to a far out of state collage. its not easy to
make up your ming about these kind of things nobody knows
what to do in this kind of situation. you know when you
spend the night with your boyfriend or girlfriend you know
how much you do love that
person. Both of us have been
going thru a lot lately and we understand each other...and
thats all i ask of him, sometimes, not to try to understand
but just to be there for me when i do need him the most....
my mother keeps trying to "brain wash" me with her ideas
about how either of us are going to fall in love with
someone else, and i do understand what shes coming from but
there is that 1% that do make it all the way from high
school sweet hearts to getting married and staying together
for the rest of their lifes together, having children
together and growing old together and thats what we both
want (me and jorge) thats my boyfriends name.... i mean i
look around everyday and see couples breaking up and
fighting all the damn time, and we try not to get mad at
each other....but some days we both cant take it and we
both get a "time out" and talk about what is going on and
if we need to do something about it we do and work things
out we have a great communication with each other and a lot
of love...although people might think we dont really know
what love is i dont care.... my boyfriend did teach me not
to care about what other people may think or say about you
what really matters is how you feel... my best
friend is going crazy with her love life he man is such a
cutie and together she makes me go crazy its ok i love her
like a sister! we thats enough for today take

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