lindsay ann

somewhere in between
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2002-02-15 18:35:49 (UTC)

sheltered families

ahhh so we're on vacation with the only other family IN THE
WORLD like us. they eat granola cereal and bagels
constantly. they don't let their 12 year old watch PG-13
movies. they make their kids wear wristguards when they
snowboard. our moms both make us eat wheat bread and some
other foreign kind. ahh bless the sheltered families of
the world.

hey it started snowing right now. one more reason for me
to be grumpy :-) ahh my dad said he saw gabe and drew
yesterday...and annmarie but yeah umm well let's just say
i'd way rather hang out w/ gabe. haha.

ohhh yes, and i'd like to tell you about my little 12 year
old friend. according to her, i should want to hang out w/
her rather than her 15 year old bro. ok. and she also
told me that i've always been kinda weird since i prefer
hanging with the guys & playing basketball rather than
sitting in her room & listening to christina aguilera (uhh
yeah). then she started talking about makeup and boys and
i was thinking, "GET AWAY FROM ME!!! you're twelve!!!
don't throw your life away like this!"

but ummm yeah. tomboys rock. i love boy friends. girls
are fun but girly girls are overwhelming. aah.