Is the Supercross season not here yet?
2002-02-15 18:21:08 (UTC)


Ok, well I realized I didn't say anything about Travis'
Valentine girls in my last entry so I figured I should.
See, everyone loves Travis, example: the booing of RC which
was uncalled for and lame; and at thatsame race, there were
a few girls who brought "Travis be my Valentine" signs, and
he actually got up into the audience and talked to them.
He just an all around great guy. So grrr.... I really like
him and he usually is a great rider, but I think I'm going
to let him have all of his other fans and little sluts, and
just back off a bit. Plus there is the whole Nicole
thing... Vuillemen, wow. He really is a pretty cool
person. So well see, and I still love Laninovich but he
doesn't ride eastcoast. Ok, my life is extremely sad
sometimes :I heh.
I need to look up some stuff for English. So, yet again I
will close.