Is the Supercross season not here yet?
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2002-02-15 18:14:51 (UTC)

Wavelengths and Travis' Valentine Girls

Ok, where to begin... The first show.... heh. 2 people
missed their cues and then proceded to miss their scenes.
3 of the songs were off key, and one of the dances was out
of step. I didn't screw up tho! Wooohoo for me. Handing
out mics may sound easy but when you have 4 mic, and 2
handhelds, and 2 mystery mic that are on the same frequency
as two of the others, its complicated. But everyone was
nice, and its all good. 4 more shows! Whew. Steve one of
the guys in the play (I had the honor of holding his
vibrating cell phone the entire production) cussed on
stage, this is a 'Christian' play BTW, it was so
hilarious. Guess you had to be there, but instead of
saying skits he said shits. heh... Ok enough of that crap.
I got my teeth cleaned yesterday, and I still
have "beautiful and perfect teeth". What sucks tho, is
that since my top left molar is coming in, I'm going to
have to have to get them all removed probably in the next
year or something.
Lets see... Valentines Day. *cringes* It actually wasn't
that bad this year. I got a few cards, a flower, and some
chocolate. My dad got me a Rocky Mountain Cycle Plaza
shirt, and a Travis Pastrana action figure bike! Awwww!
Butit still amazes me how much money some of these guys
spend on their girlfriends. Its such a waste. And since
it doesn't take much effort on the guys part to get into
the girls pants here, you'd think they would waste as much
money on gifts. Oh well. Me and Matthew (this 22 year old
that is working tech for the paly) were talking about how
lame Valentines Day is now'a'days. It really is, I mean St.
Valentine was killed, eaten by lions in Rome for a bit of
entertainment. SO we celebrate by giving over expensive
flowers and chocolate. Figures...
Algebra rocked yesterday, Brent and I talked about riding
and he played with my Pastrana toy bike. And I had to
explain to kevin why Motorcycles don't have reverse. Lol,
it was so funny. And Kevin was talking about how cool it
would be to put pegs on a motorcycle, and then to ride a
railing, heh. I hated to bust his little bubble :p
Anyways, I still don't know if I have that job at the High
Country Inn. I need to start looking for other options,
grrr. But that would take effort, so I'll put it off a
while longer.
I find it amusing all the loser go to the libary at lunch.
I guess I'm pretty content being a 'loser'. I have cool,
granted a bit different but none the less cool friends. I
have a few things that I'm told I'm "passionate about". So
its all good. I need sleep desperately tho. *whines*
Ok, well I didn't think this would be so long. It's
amazing how long I BS. I guess all those papers I've
written have imporved my skill. Ok, I'm not a rambling
idiot (I'm just tired and on a sugar high) so I'm going to
go now. Maybe I'll get off my ass and write another one of
these tomorrow if I have time...

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