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2002-02-15 18:07:42 (UTC)

Great Valentine's Day!

Valentines was great. Travis and I went to BD's mongolian
bbq, but that wasn't our first choice. Our first choice
was full up and people were standing around staring at the
people who were eating... I hate being looked at when I'm
eating so I told Travis we needed to go somewhere else.

After going there we came home and I started talking to my
parents about getting a sleep doctor appointment for my
sleep apnea. I know exactly why I have it... It's because
I am fat and I always have been. They're going to tell me
to lose weight, but it's not that easy. I have tried
everything to get this damn weight off and it just won't
come off...

Realizing all this, I broke down into tears and I spent the
rest of my Valentine's day sobbing on the shoulder of my
honey. Sad, I know. But the thing is... It was the best
Valentines day I have ever had.

Sure, it sounds weird and maybe I am just weird, but we had
a very intimate moment when I was crying to him. I have
never been able to completely convey my emotions to anybody
else. He truely is special. We became closer because he
just held me and didn't try to judge me. He didn't try to
change me either. He just held me and kept telling me he
loves me and that he doesn't like to see me cry because it
hurts him too.

I had a wonderful valentine's day.

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