Damsel in Distress

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2002-02-15 17:15:56 (UTC)


its been awhile since i wrote here. i guess its because i
like the format of my other diary. this one i mean i have
my favorites here, and i dont find out if they update right
away. i have to wait for an email. and i rarely check my
email at [email protected]. i guess that is a new
goal of mine. to start checking my email more.

well, since i wrote here. i got used again basically. umm i
got a weiner dog named willy. parents wouldnt let me name
him penis. lmao. ive lost friends...i dunno if i gained any
friends though.

my insurance denied my operation, which sucks so much. i
was supposed to go into mt. zion hospital feb 1st. which is
a monday. well, the insurance wouldnt approve it. that
would have costed 14k. well, i went to a physician that was
covered. i waited a good few hours...my whole morning
there, and he signed a paper of referal to a partnering
physician in fresno, which is a good three hour drive
without commuter traffic. anyway, my tube is infected. it
hurts like a bitch, and i can barely walk because of it.

more to come later...
-damsel in distress