Marco Jacksonovic

Crazy What You Could've Had
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2002-02-15 13:15:43 (UTC)

Well, We All Make Mistakes? Right?

The shoes I so cunningly analysed belonged to the girl I
should've guessed, really. No new relationships to report.
So, the fact that one of my housemates is still single
makes me feel good? Well, yes it does. Not in a gloaty way -
I'd be happy for him to court a lady, except I feel he
would very much not do such a thing, and instead just go
out and pull one of those hideous over-made-up specimens
that haunt my very being.

I was wrong.

I made the phone call I seemed to build up a little too
much last night, and he was fine about it. A tad upset, but
I think that was more tiredness and he'd already planned. I
don't know. I think its a respect thing, that...I didn't
fear offending him as such...I just didn't want him to
think that what he said was worthless, and we'd trampled
all over it. We didn't. Spent a long while discussing it,
actually, and it just served us better to not go to

I was wrong.

Bit of a think head too. I need to eat.

See you next crime.... (What? Carmen Sandiego? Ah, come on!)

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