2001-04-29 00:48:25 (UTC)


april 28
today i looked at this piece of flesh and decided that i
could do whatever i wanted with it.
if you think about it, the only thing we own is ourselves.
you can control what you eat, what you say, what attitude
you want to can form your own independence
completely in your mind.
i mean i know that you can't control what happens around
you or how someone might effect your emotions, but you can
control your response
all we are is our response to things. we all see pain, we
all see beauty, we see the stars and the moon and we see
blood oozing out of the pavement cracks and we decide how
to "see" it in our mind and how to respond to how we
personally see it.....
what makes us unique is our perspective and our response...
ah, nevermind
i'm talking ape shit

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