Insensitive Kitten

Insensitive Kitten
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2001-04-29 00:36:25 (UTC)


Ya...I just figured out how to read the note things for
this diary site...I was under the impression that the notes
were emailed to ya or something. So, now that I know I
shall be expecting many notes from many people...L...O...L

No monthly friend for 3 months and counting now...oh but
don't be fooled...I am still under the grips of its
aliases....the dreadfull cramps.

Sometimes they get so bad it makes me think that I possibly
will get it...

But I never do.

Just as well, I'm wearing my new panties and would hate to
have blood on them when they're not even two days old.

So, are you sick enough of my girly bullshit and want to
see my rants.

Well.......if you insist.

We'll start with the most trivial....
My ears are infected in two ways (does it seem like
everything happens double for me?) one: I haven't been able
to hear correctly for a good two (there's that dreadful two
again) weeks because of too much fluid in my left ear and
since I got my new earings they seem to cause an allergic
reaction...forcing my left (am I developing a left fetish
to mach my number 2 fetish?) earing hole to close up.
So a good half of my day was spend shoving a thick earing
post through a swollen earlob.
Believe was worse then it sounds ::wry smile::

My second half of the day was spend deciding whether or not
I was hungry....every contemplation ended up with a glass
of ice tea and the decision that I was way too lazy to put
the tatter tots in the oven...

I just got off the phone with my mom...I'm on her lap
top....which she attempted to hide from me...and mixed up
all the chordes to it and shoved it in a backpack...

After a mere 5 minuted I had everything plugged in and
ready to go...

Silly woman.

She's down at the beach with Bob...and for once I'm not
jealous...I was down there like a few weeks ago anyway..and
I've been really really busy lately so I need some offtime.

There was a rant I was gonna rant about but I got
sidetracked from the phone.

Don't you hate it when you're watching T.V and you hear the
sound of your alarm...doesn't it just make you cringe?

Makes me cringe anyway.

Ugh...I want to concentrate but everything's taking my
thoughts away...damnit.

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