2002-02-15 06:50:31 (UTC)

valentines day

Today is Valentines Day. The one day every year where
florest flourish with order of red roses deleiverd to
offices and homes?. Many relationships are made and broken
this day?. Whether the sweet bf delivers the roses or not
decideds the fate of the relationship?.. if the bf forgets
tough luck?..and good luck explaing?? if the bf comes wit ha
big white teddy bear with a phat bouque of flowers on the
side? omg someoens is getting laid tonight hehe??. Well not
always?. But u know wat I mean?..

Me and 817?. Can?t jump to conclusions?.. does she love me I
don?t know? was it a sweet sincere way to turn my down to
buy herself time to think of a evnn more sinvere way to turn
me down?.. once again?. I don?t know??. Or does she really
love me and is really still hurt from the past relationshp
that she has?. Only she knows?. I can?t read her mind n.e
more like I use to?. Cuz it?s of me?.. I don?t think about
myself a lot? oh well?.. as she mentioned????. Time??? time.
Will tell me?. Right???

Till time decides to favor me?.. I?ll wait?? right here arms
wide open

one more thing...... hehe only reason i remembe wen
valentiens day is becasue this grl got really mad at me once
for fogeting so how could i ever for get now...... jeez some
grls haha.... n.e way ttyl