Product of a Broken Home
2002-02-15 06:09:38 (UTC)

The Lady's In Love With You

hello there texas
what's you say
i'd like to bend your ear,
if you're going my way

ok glenn, whats worrying you
tell me the story and
i'll see what i can do

well i got a new gal
thats a real killer-diller
but i'm not so sure that
she goes for mr. miller

hmm, thats nothing to worry about
don't you know how to go about finding out?

no, you tell me, texas
Glenn Miller

a song tats cheered me up sufficently, purely because of
the comic sound of it all, come on, who can not laugh at
-killer diller-? i think its a definate move ahead from
listening to my =hours- cd..david can be so deressing


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