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2002-02-15 06:06:23 (UTC)

I did it

Well, I did it.... I e-mailed Jonathan and asked him to be
my valentine. I said something like, 'I wanted to ask you
before... and even though theres like 10 minutes left, I
want to ask you to be my valentine.' Ahhhh, rofl. After
talking to my guy friend online and other people, they all
told me to go for it, the worse that can happen is him
saying no, and that its his loss, bla blah, you know, the
nice words they always say to ya about things like this.
Then Arpana called, and she encouraged me even more and
helped me write it and send it. So now... well its 1 AM
February 15, so its past Valentine's day, but still, I
hope he writes back. If he is interested, he will say
something like yeah sure and maybe say something more. Oh
I hope so! I'm so nervous!

I did the introduction to the anti-war national student
conference at the ISO meeting tonight... oh my gosh, I was
so nervous.. I kept stumbling on the word 'politically'
and saying 'bleh! I mean politically' I was so nervous, my
voice was shaking. I'm glad its over, but it wasn't so bad
I guess. I hope I didn't turn all red, but I felt my face
heat up once again. I hope I gradually get used to
speaking a lot without being shy about it.

Anyway, I'll find out tomorrow morning about what he says
to me. I don't want to check my email... but I will, or
else I won't be able to concentrate for the rest of the
day. But then again, if its bad news, I'll be sad the
whole day. Best to know though, might as well get it over

I really hope I have good news to tell ya.