Snowy's Saga
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2002-02-15 05:39:57 (UTC)

Valentines Day

Well, this was a day to end all days. With Simon being
away and all, I kinda hoped and wished that he would send
me a card or maybe flowers. And even though i knew there
was no way in hell this would happen, i wished that he
would show up at my doorstep to surprise me. Well, guess
what. I got NOTHING. How horrible is that feeling of
being disappointed?! So we got into this whole fight and i
was miserable all day. Here's the thing- I pick fights
with him all the time, but it's only because I'm so goddam
in love with him. I know I shouldn't get mad at him
because the whole distance thing isn't his fault. But it
gets me frustrated because everytime things are good
between us then it makes me miss him sooooooooo much more.
I really want to see him next week but I don't know if he
wants me to come down to visit him. Whyyyyyyyyyy is this
happening? Everything was perfect when we were home. We
were everything to each other. And now...things have
changed so much. I just wish they were the same. I miss
him so much and I wish he missed me just as much. I don't
want anybody else but him and he doesn't realize that...
On a good note, we distributed our preference rush
invitations tonight. I really hope that Emily wants to do
my sorority...she's so awesome and I'd love to have her as
my little. Well, I'll know on Monday night!!! Gotta
finish my paper now...keep you informed!


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