Mysterious Attitude
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2001-04-28 23:12:31 (UTC)

Saturday April 28, 2001

5:54 pm

~~~Last Night~~~

I tell u right now.. my damn pager was going off like
krazy... Chuck paged me like 4 times, my sister paged me
twice, and this gurl DJ...(who sumtimes I can't stand)
paged me and called me... So I paged my sis and talked to
her for a few minutes, then Dj called me I talked to her
for bout 4 minutes, and then I got my phone card and called
up Chuck... but I had one minute left on the card so he
called me back... I was talkin to him and stuff bout
different things.... and out of no where he was all like...
I really wanna hook up with u... which sumwhat blew my
mind.. I had no clue what to tell him... I mean I don't
want to say no... but then again I don't really know him
that well.. and I don't really have much luck with long
distance relationships.. So I think I just told him.. I
dunno no.. lets talk a lil longer then I will decide... I
feel really bad tho cuz he thinks I don't want him... I
do... but I don't want to get hurt again...I mean Bobby
really messed up my mind... which made me love him more
then ever..but at the same time hate him.. and I don't want
to end up hating Chuck for the same reason...I'm so
confused... I wish I knew what to do... but I don't.. and
my choice depends on rather or not.. I will get another
broken heart...and I feel like all Chuck really wants is
sex... but I dunno....We talked bout that until bout 130 am
and then we hung up.. and I went to bed..


What a lazy day... my pager went off at 11:30 am or
sumthing like that.. it was DJ but I didn't call her
back... I just sorta deleted the page lol... I mean my 2
alarms went off at 6 am and 7:30 am... I was getttin pissed
I tell u... lol.. and I was mad that DJ would page me that
early... how dare her.. everyone should know that I don't
wake up until 1pm on weekendz.. lol... but today I got up
at like 3 goin on 4.. as soon as I got up I got online..
read sum of my mail.. and talked to Andria, Kelly, and
Rach...then I got offline and Andria called me.. and we
talked...then I got back online... read more mail and
listenin to R. Kelly... and that's bout all 4 now.. So I
will shut up now and leave.. bye bye

1:23 am

I can't sleep so I decided to write a lil more bout what happened
since my last entry... Andria paged me.. at like I dunno 7:30 pm...
So I called her up.. to see what was going on... she answered the
phone and it sounded like she was crying.. I asked what's wrong...
and she was all like I just called Tiff and went off on her... and
all this... So I tried to get her to calm down.. which I finally
did... she told me that she was going to call Tiff at 8 sumethin.. so
I won't know what happened until later on today.... So we hung up...
and I decided to call Louie... but he wasn't home :( So I got back
online downloaded some MP3's.... and started listenin to sum Spice
Gurl songs lol... nuthing like a lil Gurl Power to get u in a happy
mood... then at like 11pm I got in this odd gurlie mood and put on
this green facial mask... lol and used like 2 different facial scrubs
(spell check?¿)I mean hey.. a gurl has to have nice skin right?
lol... after that I took a nice long hot shower.. and went over to my
gram's house to chill and watch tv... and now here I am.. all nice
and clean but bored out of my mind... lol well I guess that's bout
all for now.. I gotta get to bed.. cuz I may go to work with my mom
tomorrow.. bye bye 4 now