A Crazy Persons Thoughts
2002-02-15 04:15:57 (UTC)

ever been to a hospital?

they restrane you. they watch you everywhere you go. they
make you talk, and take these little pills. they wont let
you cut. there are people there who are detoxing. i know
sooo much more about sex and drugs then i ever, ever wanted
to know.

i wouldn't talk to them. i wouldn't say a word. they said
if i didn't start talking, they'd have to "cut me open" so
to speak. make me talk. fuck them.

fuck all of them. fuck my teachers and my "friends" who
abandonded me. fuck my coach for screwing with my mind. i
thought she would help me. why do i keep falling for that.
fuck my counseler for treating me like im some stupid
invalid psyco. fuck them for patronizing me.

fuck them all