Deep Down
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2002-02-15 03:55:58 (UTC)

I Walk The Planet Once More

And here I am.
It feels good.
Where I went.....I'm still not quite sure.
Just had lots to do.
I suppose I was a little alienated.
So, here I am.
On Valentine's Day.
All alone.
As usual.
I got a few presents from some of my sister's friends.
I wish you were here.
*Shakes head*
What do I do?
You don't believe anything I say.
But I know deep down you know the truth.
The words are all there......
......but are your feelings that back those words up?
Please say yes...
For it is all I long to hear.
So tonight, my ohsopreciouswords....I think of you
As I hope you think of me.

Love Ike

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