My Life (Condensed Version)
2002-02-15 03:40:02 (UTC)

um... Happy Valentine's Day?

Well i hope you all had a wonderful Singles Awareness Day.
yeah... i want a boyfriend *sigh*. but HEY! heather told
me luke h. *LIKES* me! yay! (sophmore liking me?!?! wow. a
lowly freashman... i'm to giddy... hey me! get over
yourself) but i'm sorta weary on what heath says
sometimes. she tends to exaggerate. but hey, you have to
love 'er, that's just her. lol.

Today, any normal day... before school, i was there *late*
enough to pray with heath & matt j & the rest 'o the group
(including luke...hehe, he's a cutie. do you think i'm
just drunk on happiness because someone actually LIKES me
for a change? i'm starting to...) the rest of the day was
normal, school, fighting at practice *sigh* i hate
cheerleading with a passion. there is no way i am getting
sucked into THAT hell hole again...

single female's aware of their singleness...

MONICAL'S BABY YEAH! pizza & breadsticks... mmmmmm... i
swear, when you put me kel jenna & kara in a room
together, you get instant insanity. it's well... insane. i
got there the first out of the bunch... 5 minutes late...
and no one's there (when i checked, i saw brian cioni
eating with his family... i was siting there thinking i
should say hi... never got the courage. too shy too shy.
pity me. lol. f.y.i. i DON'T like him... i just ...
well... grrr... i don't know. you ladies will get what i
mean. i hope...)but... kel came in, saving me from total
embarrassment, i was about to call home an tell my mom to
pick me up cuz i thought i had gone to the wrong monical's
HAHA!) but yeah jenna walked in two seconds after and we
got a table. kara came late cuz she was fighting with her
mom to let her go... so yeah. we waited and she came. we
talked, laughed (mostly about the little kid sitting
behind me that kept staring at the back of my head...)
normal stuff.

after we paided and left, we went to kroger's cuz me &
jenna wanted to get valentine thingys for our momma's (we're so
nice.)i got my momma a little card that said i love you in sign
language adn a 3-pack of some carnations (didn't have enough moolah
to buy a rose for her *sigh* i hat money problems) me & kel spotted
this little red teddy bear huggin a bottle of Pepsi. we both looked
at each other and were like "BECCA!" so we were gonna get it for
her... then we figured out it was a birthsotne bear for people born
in july so we put it back. lol. then the whole crew humiliated me in
front of matt j. (mentioned above) by telling him i said "a pitcher
of coke and a GALLON of pizza" then jenn's mom came and picked us up
& dropped us off at our houses...

and now... i'm my house... sitting at my a
chair...more info...coming soon!

Later Days,

Kara Jo