lost in the dark
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2002-02-15 03:19:14 (UTC)

Valentines Day...

Hey Entry. Happy Valentines Day. Well, it is almost gone.
2 hours left and then I will not have to think about this
horrid day for at least another year. I was talking to a
friend on-line last night. As the convo came to a dead
stop, I was left with a tear rolling down my face. Why do I
think this way when certain subjects arise. I was not in a
sour or bitter state. Sorrowfully, would have to be the
best state that I can say that I was in when I went to bed.
I am not too sure what I was thinking last night, or how
tired I was to let my emotions get to me like that. I have
weeped for alot of things. And there are things that I
still weep for. Usaully, these things are so hiden from the
real world. I am not even aware of them myself some day. On acouple
of occasions have I let peeple see what lie's below the skin. I want
to be the one that people say that he always has a smile on his face,
and is in good character. I am not the type to show what I am
actaully feeling. Talking about them is even harder at times. For
that even Brother knows that.
There is something out there tonight. I am not too sure
what it is that I am feeling right now or what I am
expecting. Wine, would be nice. Since I can't find the Cock
screw, I am going to have the Bourbon. Sleep well tonight.
I want to forget and not dream tonight. :~(

Lost in the dark...