Garden of Stones
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2002-02-15 02:41:49 (UTC)

I hate Cottage cheese

Damn, i havent updated this thing in a while. It's kinda
funny looking back at the previous entries and remembering
all those gay fucking experiences. My life has definetly
turned around for the better since I started hanging out
with Crystal. Not even 'better' in societie's perception of
better, but MY definition of better. For example: I got
oral sex like a ton of times and shit. I gots laid too. I
smoke now more often(and I aint talking bout no cigarettes
or about crack) and now I have someone that can buy me
liquor duty free(lame joke).Plus I'll definetly start going
to concerts and all that alot more. I found this place
called Sydney's in Lawrence that holds concerts for unknown
bands and shit. Maybe I'll get to meet other freaky ass
people there, instead of the usual fucking ghetto G spics
or wigger white people that live in "Lawtown". Well, tis
Valentine's Day and still no Crystal. Shes supposed to come
over soon. Sadly though she claims to have suffered back
injuries, so she cant give me too much 'fellatio' if you
will. Bought cigarettes today legally *with an ID*! God, I
feel like the big shit now(loser).Finally got a cell phone
too. I would put the number but i dont know if like
[email protected] looking at this is really Chester
the Serial Killer Clown and all. Fucking murderous clowns.
Midget clowns, however, are the shit.

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