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~*Stumbling Through Life*~
2001-04-28 22:15:48 (UTC)

Tummy Ache

I just watched Bring It On and ate a whole pack of thin
mints (oops). I am talking to Seth, but I secretly wish I
was talking to Craig instead. No offense to Seth, but his
brother is such a hottie. Perfect tan, nice body, hott hott
hott guy. And to think, I am pretty sure he used to like
me! I wish I knew if he still did....do you think I'm a
freak for liking my 3rd cousin? If you saw him, you'd
understand!!!!!!!!!! ***faint***

sorry, I fell on the floor...lol, j/k
I dont have anything else to say besides that, so I g2g
now. BYE!!!!!!!!!!

PS-check out DeLiAs.com, they have some great sales right

Love[sick], Lily (^^)