Things to keep secret
2001-04-28 22:11:34 (UTC)

It is Saturday the 28th

I am happy today I get to know that I might not be able to
work, because hubby looking another job, which means I can
get a job working at home I hope. Well I am not really
talkative today. I want to have sex today but hey it might
happen later(I hope), anyway I dont have a problem because
I usually get it when I want. I am leaving now, hoping and
holding that someone will talk to me, looking for a female
to conversate with. I need a friend that has kids and wants
to talk about how they get to your nerves so bad but you
still love them. And then you have the problems when you
feel like pulling your hair out. There is a time when you
just want another womans opinion and not a man, I mean you
tell your man be it boyfriend or hubby, everything but you
just want to release some frustration out there and talk to
another woman that might be going threw that same thing
that you might be or something similiar. Well talk to me

my kitty cat
my rose