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2002-02-15 01:39:48 (UTC)


So it wasn't as bad as we thought it would be or maybe
I'm just putting on a good face. No not really I actually
had a good day for the most part. Classes were all good,
work wasn't too bad. .It was pretty funny when Mary, the
lady I like at work, made fun of my silly boss:) Then I
had an Italy meeting, good fun right there. I mean Italy
alone is enough to brighten anyones day!

Jenny, Elizabeth, Janet and I went over to my brother's
for dinner. YUMMY. . .uhhhh I wish we could eat there every
night! That was a fun little outing oh and I got more
peanut butter,. . opps I think I left it in the car. I am
going to the SAC later so I'll get it then!

I do wish a certain someone would at least call me. . .it
hurts. . but there's time yet right?

S0 it is now 11:30 so I've pretty much gave up on the whole time
thing. I've just got to accept it I guess, but how could he hurt me
so bad? I thought he loved me a little still. . . . not even a word