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2002-02-15 01:29:13 (UTC)

Some Sorority Girls are Biatches

I am not a really big into frat's guy, but soroities have
always seemed like they were ok. Note: I am not
judging all soroity girls by this, I have a couple of cool
chick friends that are in Delta Gamma here at CSULB.

I was sitting in Macroeconomics class the other day,
quietly listening to the professor and taking down
notes. I hear the girls in back of talking, and one of
them says, "Look at that guy in front of us"... "he looks
like a girl from behind"... (other girl), "thats disgusting".

I, having been growing my hair for 8-9 months, take
some pride in having long hair. I like it. All my friends
like it. So I took some offense when someone says that
it makes me look like a girl, and that it is disgusting... I
get a little mad. I didn't say anything to the girls, cause I
dont think that being mean back to them was a good

At the end of class I got up to leave, and looked at who
was sitting behind me, and it was three girls wearing
their "Gamma Phi Beta" shirts. Well, I must say that I
have told my friends at Sigma Pi... and they said that
they wouldnt speak to Gamma Phi girls anymore.

One other thing... I had a nice beard and moustache
going on that day, so I have no idea how they could say
I looked like a chick. Whatever... its the past. Next
tuesday when they are all wearing their Gamma Phi
shirts (tuesday's is when frat's and sororities have to
wear there greek letter shirts), maybe I will say
something. I'm pretty much over it now though.

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