ViCtiM oF ReaLiTY
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2002-02-14 22:48:14 (UTC)

AmbEr is THe colOR of Ur enErgY

Heyyyyy today is Valentine's Day! My day went by
sooooo flippen fast. I got an adorable, soft, Scottish
Terrier dog from Paulina plus a really super long cool
card, a buncha Valentine's, and i still havent gotten My
present from Chris yet(he's commin over when my mom
leaves). Yesterday, me Stix Amber, Britt, Chris, and
Paulina went to Jessica's and got drunk. It was just like
this huge get together and stuff. It was cool. I think
Paulina was mad at me though because i brought Chris. She
told me (and she's totoally right) that when im with him, i
miss out hanging out with my friends cuz were just making
out the whole time while they have fun. But i was kinda
proud of myself cuz yesterday he kept trying to kiss me,
but i didnt kiss him back. I mean, i know it seems mean
and all, but it was Jessica's house and i didnt want to do
shit like that while i was there.

Oh, and i didnt smoke any weed at all!!!!! i was
so proud of myself. But i think i acted pretty stupid cuz
i was drunk.. I dont know what's up with Chris.
That boy never seems to get fucked up! He was smokin a
ton of weed, Drinkin, and takin shots, and he didnt even
seem to be fucked up at all!!! his eyes were just a little
blazed. No offense, but hes so boring!!! he doesnt get
fucked up, he just seems normal.... oh, ya. well
anyways, im hopin my mom will leave soon so he can come
over and i can give him his present.. Its sooooo cute!!
i got him this stuffed animal dog and it looks kinda like
his dog at home and its soooooooo soft... i think i like it
more than he's gonna. he he. i luv it!!! plus i got him
this card and i wrote a lot in it. he better keep it
FoREveR..... So ya, im gonna go get ready now and see
if my mom left yet. Who knows, i might get lucky tonight,
he he...... later.

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