A Trip Into My Life
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2001-04-28 19:39:10 (UTC)

I thought I was out of school!

Today was so bad! *haha* well, maybe not that bad, but I am
sooooooo tired and sleepy that I am going to take a nap as
soon as I am done writing in here. I'm tired because I had
to go to driving school at 7am today. *Lol* I am so used to
sleeping late that I could barely hold my eyes open. I
don't think I missed much though because most of the
questions on the driving test are common sense. As long as
I have a small amount of brains, I should be able to pass
it easily.

Something is wrong with hotmail and I can't get my email
checked today. That bites major booty because I only have
time when I can get it. Ya know?

Still no letter from Dave. I hope he writes soon though. I
think about him all the time and I just want to know
everything about him. It's like I could never get matter what kind of weird things I find out
about him.

I got a letter from Kelly today. I dunno whose town is
worse. Mine or hers! We're both gonna go to the losers
convention. *Lol*

It's time for my nap. *Haha*

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