SuGaR RuSh
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2002-02-14 21:55:06 (UTC)


ugh 2day was so like boring...i dunno i thought vday was
gunna b nice w/ a bf but it wasent that great oh well ill
live...omg omg omg...this kid kissed my friend krysten 2
day be4 they go on the bus......LORDYYYYY thats so dang
cute! i dun feel like tellin the whole story hockey 4 like a week i dun think ill
live...butttttt thars this skiier named jeremy bloom..hes
soo hott LORDYY! OMG and i got my *nsync tix last
weekend...sec c~16..they r OK seats..and no doubt is commin
and i realllllllyyyyyyy wanna go but i have no money what
so ever and blinks commin and i have no money ughhhhhhhh i
need a fuckin job!! well im out like the fat kid in

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