stella's steamy paperback novel
2002-02-14 20:56:08 (UTC)

sweet present

happy valentine's day all.... although i think its a silly
day, i hope it brought candy and love and all that junk.

just kidding

so i went to holy heart today to see my baby and he told
me to hold out my hand. so i did and... he gave numerous
packages of salt!! awwww what a sweety!!!!!

but really now, its was refreshing because yesterday all
the skanks in my english class were talking about they're
sweet boyfriends and about how they don't know what to get
and blah blah blah flowers blah blah stupid things they
please simple minds blah blah.

so yeah, i was on the verge of puking when i thought... i
wonder how seriousely shewy takes valentine's day. cause i
sure don't take it seriousely! i am completely clueless
qhen it comes to relationship things (but to my credit i
make a mean mixed tape...). i was very pleased when he
didn't get all crazy on me and we just hung out.

y'see valentine's day is just an excuse to give your
partner something nice and be romantic and whatever but
really, you can do that on any day. the 14th of february
is just a silly commercial day full of annoying couple who
can't keep off of eachother and THATS ALL!!!

on a lighter note, you can get very cheap candy at this
time of year... which i like.

so.... i kow this probably won't come out in the right
lettering but...

shewy, ó'áãáðï!

thats all

love stella

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