The lost little girl
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2002-02-14 20:46:18 (UTC)

Valentine's day ...yeah..ok...!

well good news first...

my sis and ron and the baby will most likely be coming home
real soon...i can't wait to see Sebastian...he's so
adorable. the newest pictures that they have sent are so
cute. he seems to be growing quickly which is awesome.
Kate cut my hair yesterday...it used to be around my chin
area..now it's up about my cheek bones...i like it a lot.
and the coolest thing is. jimmie let us cut his hair too.
for those of you who don't know jimmie or can't remember
him..he's got blackish hair to his shoulders..well..at least
he did....now is about the same length as mine or so...it
looks awesome as well!
well...ok the bad news...since it's Valentine's Day and i'm
about to get into bad news you can probably guess the
subject matter. I hate being single on V-day. It is
deffinately a very depressive thing. Heather and jeff have
something called the bitter single club...yeah..i'm a
member..go me! granted i'm doing my great trip to kareoke
(spelling ..yeah..i know..) since it is thursday...maybe i
can pick up a guy or something...this should be
well i have to go now...i have to finish my valentine's for
my buds...i will talk to you soon..byebyebye-janie

Daily Quote:

Lestat: God, I swear you grow more like Louis each day.Soon
you'll be eating rats!
Claudia: Rats? When did you eat rats Louis?
Louis: It was a long, long time ago. Before you were born,
and I don't recomend them.
-----Interview with the Vampire