Baby Story
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2002-02-14 20:02:11 (UTC)

19 wks 2 days

Wow, it has been awhile since I wrote in this diary. I
just have been so busy at work, and that is my only place
to access the internet. sooooo, Im sorry if you have been
wondering WHERE I am. LoL... like you would really

Anyhow, LIFE, what a BEAUTIFUL thing.

Relationship- Today, better than ever. My honey sent 2
dozen roses with 3 dozen daiseys and babys breath to my
work. No one here, including myself, has ever seen a
bouquet so large in their lives. It is absolutely amazing,
astonishing, impressive, exquisite, lovely, beautiful,
darling.... etc, etc etc... I love it. He is so amazing.
They take up half of my cubicle, and everyone is stopping
to comment or gawk, all day today. I feel so special.
Other than VALENTINES day though, we are great. We had a
friend, Chris, come out to stay for the weekend. It was
nice to have some company around. We've been looking for
apartments more avidly, and decided to change our cell
phone carrier to Sprint. We are loving every minute that
we spend together, and enjoying eachother more than life
itself. What can I say... its LOVE!

Pregnancy- WONDERFUL. I am growing a bit, up to about 38
1/2 inches I think. Ive gained another pound, maybe two
now. I was supposed to go to the doctors today, but I
cancelled the appointment, because it would be too much to
fit in with our valentines day plans. I will reschedule it
for sometime soon though. The baby is getting stronger, as
I can feel its kicks more often and they feel stronger than
the light taps I used to have. It even interrupts my sleep
at times, but its always reassuring to feel it moving
around in there. Lets me know that everything is A-OKAY.
My appetite is increasing to unforeseen levels. I am
eating everything in sight. For example, today I ate for
breakfast-yogert, fruit cup, bagel with cream cheese, and
for a snack- doritoes, oatmeal cookie and for lunch-
heaping bowl of spagetti with sauce and cottage cheese, a
cheese and mustard sandwich on rye, a bowl full of pickles,
a fruit cup, and for a snack Ive eaten a nutra-grain bar,
and now Im scavenging for something else to eat before
going out to dinner with Nels tonight. So I think the baby
is going through a growth spurt.

Well, I am still at work, so i had better get going. Glad
to be back though :)

Take Care!

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