Thoughts to Share
2002-02-14 18:41:18 (UTC)

*My Valentine*

I just remembered how much I liked that song.
Whew...such a relief. Never thought I'd be so glad to see
a Thursday, or even a Wednesday afternoon. The first 1/2
of this week was rough with a spanish test, which I did
well on, a cell lab practical, which went over not so well,
and an organic chemistry test which was even more not so
Meredith's first home softball game was on Wednesday. It
was pretty chilly...but we had fun.
Pre-pharmacy meeting wasn't as painful as it usually is, so
that was good. Watched Dawson's Creek with the roommie,
wow...good episode.
The day has been pretty good. My roommate got me a flower,
so our room has even more plants now! :-) Bridget Elise
totally suprised me with a phone call, which was
excellent. :-)
This afternoon I should take advantage of my time and get
lots of work done. However, the chances of that are slim
to none. I will most likely take a nap, and I should go
walk. It's a bit chilly, but sunny at least.
Leslie is coming this weekend to see Ashley...well maybe
she's coming to see me too...ha. That's exciting...haven't
seen her since...new year's maybe? Anyways...and then
hopefully this weekend I can get together with Blake and
Beth. Been a while since I've seen them, especially
Blake. :-) I miss them bunches. So, I think that's about
it for today. :-)