The Life & Times of Alison
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2002-02-14 18:27:13 (UTC)

Valentines Day Sucks

Dood, yes it does. And just like with my webpage, all it
takes is procrastination to get me to update things. I have
a paper due about Cabaret... am I doing it? No. Should I
be? Yes! I need to write about how it is multi-cultural.
Huh. Nazi's, Jewish people, Americans, British People...
what more can you ask for? Yes, Brad in his underpants...
unfortunately, we dont get that in this show. (damn) Well
we do get Bret in some revealing attire... but its no Brad.

*Brad, the worlds perfect man

(Brad if you by some miracle of God are reading this... you
already know the Clarion Female Population thinks the same
way :) )