a rop through my mind....
2002-02-14 18:22:03 (UTC)



great start to the day....forget to set my alarm clock and
sleep through work and my chem least i got like 12
hours of sleep (11-11)....well i made it to my second (out
of three) shifts (ok, 2 hours) of work today....

i guess the day can only get beter from here...i mean, i
actually have a date for valentine's day, yes, this is a
first :) though, i guess he's not really a date, i mean,
we've been together since september (minus a month over
winter break...). we're going out to dinner, then to
crowbar (his frat's weekly party),'ll be
the first time i've seen him this week, so that works out

what else...265 days till i get my sage ring :) I WANT MY
SAGE RING NOW!! (oh, sage ring is basically a class ring
you get as a junior at russell sage college (where i go).
yeah, so i'm sitting at work a little TMBG (they
might be giants) quote for you:

You wrote me a letter just the other day
Said, "Springtime is coming soon so why don't you come to
I packed my stuff, got on the bus, I can't believe it's true
I'm three days from New York City and I'm three days from

'Cause everyone's my friend in New York City
And everything looks beautiful when you're young and pretty
The streets are paved with diamonds and there's just so
much to see
But the best thing about New York City is you and me

i guess that's all for now......maybe i'll have a more
intereting post later........


PS watched vagina monologues last night, put on by the
theater club...they were amazing, and it was hillarious,
last night to see it is tonight at 7pm in the little
theater :)