Cruel Intentions
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2001-04-28 15:54:55 (UTC)

OMG sab*lol* fuck, im so drunk,..

OMG sab*lol* fuck, im so drunk, so if this has typps., too
fuckjgnbad!! i was just taling to my ex Matt, and hes like
ll in love with me... u jhave no idea.. he was saying to
me shit like he wanted to come over, and im like "oh, u
just wanna fuck me" and he goes "actually niki, i wanted to
come over cuz im still inlove with u, i have never gotten
over u.. i cvant live without u." and i told him he was
crazy, anf then hess all " were supposed to get married
niki, ur my everything"

damn, ok, so yeah guys get obsessed with me, but i was with
this guy fir 2 years... i dont wanna be with him again. but
he still loves me.. i dont wanna be with him sabby :( damn,
no1 gets over me *lol* no matter what they say, every ex of
mine has always still wanted me *LOL*

hah im dfrunk *lol* my brother had a fight with his g/f. i
luv her to death, shes like my sis. oh, and u know how im
always talking to u in my bros room? well now that shes
moving in, in get sams room, and then danielle abnd sam get
my room. so now i can talk on the ohone, and ill be in my
room *lol* oh, and i got a new computer, so i get to hopok
that up to the net, then ill have a mic n shit, cuz its got
allt hat built in.

OMG.. yeah ok, so the other thing in nnwas gonna tell u, im
getting a tattoo, and i just cant deicede which one to
get.. either the chinese symbol for on eof the followingL

lust looks the best heh.. hm.. im gonna get in next friday
i think, so i need u to tel me what u think, cuz i
seroiusly cant decied.

ok, im drunk, im gonna go find some1 to call *lol*&

luv ya sab.. i think this entry turned into an email or
sonething but 2 badm im drunk m, ill delete it later


stay twisted mah sabby :o)

luv n kinky thoughts
niki *lol*

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