2002-02-14 17:28:19 (UTC)

"I felt distance from you..

"I felt distance from you because i distanced myself from
you. I was hurt and that was why i did that, so we weren't
the same after it, but even then i didn't blame you... "

"You treated me like no one before you had
ever done, and i will never in my lifetime be able to
let you know how grateful i am for that. there is so
much good in you that when you see something that
resembles bad you blow it up and let it consume you.
don't. just let it go and remind yourself that you are
human, and that is what people love most about you.
you have yet to fuck anything up. you are wonderful."

i dont let things go. i dont know how to do that. and i
never forgive myself for anything.

my mom is out driving my car. and i dont really know how i
feel about that. she doesnt drive stick.

nap time. maybe ill wake up in a better mood.