My Life
2002-02-14 17:24:34 (UTC)

gibber gabberish

Hey whats going on today not much here I cried today damn
councler kept talking about shit I didn't want to hear but
I don't know maybe it is good for me.
So any way I just feel like gabbering on cause there is
nothing else to do and it is good to do once in a while and
stuff like that. And I am bored and stuff too so why not.
So how is life going? Well I really Don't know right now I
just don't know. But OMG there are so many people helping
me and stuff I am seeing like 5 diffrent people on a
regular weekly basis and it is just crazy trying to work
out my schedule but it seems to be working so that is good.
But these peole are helping me so much like halping me to
do stuff and get stuff done and I am working on getting my
liscence and when I get it I am going to get a car, they
will help with that too very cool right? Then I can work on
getting a better job and going to school and stuff and
hopefully be off welfare asap. Oh did I tell you I am on
welfare? I though it would really suck at first but better
then being homeless but it's actually pretty cool like I
have a place to live and food to eat and stuff which is
really cool and stuff and I don't know they have been
really helpful to me and stuff. So it's all working out. I
guess. And oh quess what else I got glasses it is really
weriod but they make me look smart so that is cool and I
don't need to wear them all the time just for driving and
stuff so it really isn't so bad I mean I can see and all
things just get kinda blurry and that dosen't make good for
driving. I think of them as more of a fashion accessaory
cause they look cool and they are really weak and I can see
but they make things a bit clearer. They are so weak that I
can hardly notice the diffrence but sometimes I can.
Yea so I guess that it kinda bad but kinda good. I should
probually go cause I do have stuff to do today I am just
being really lazy but I should go do later