i hope i die!!!

Life aint worth livin
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2001-04-28 15:35:55 (UTC)

HeY tHeRe EvErYbOdY

Hey everybody! i just got a chance 2 go on da net 2day coz
my parents r away out and im not goin out til l8er. man im
in a good mood 4 some reason. i just dyed the bottom of my
(blonde) hair pink!!! 2nite im goin over 2 my friend sammys
house BUT db the prick will b there!!! awoohoo me is
thinkin im gonna start a big argument wiv him ... hehe i
wish anna woz goin itd b SOOOO bloody hysterical! but she
has 2 babysit. och well thats life hehe. i found an AMAZIN
new site - http://www.pinstruck.com its sooooo good u can
send voodoo dolls 2 ppl over the net and they dont know who
it is!!! awoohoo!!!!
well anyway gotta go tok 2 me budz!!!
luv jen xXxX

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