Can I love?
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2002-02-14 15:18:39 (UTC)

Valentines's Day

Usually I can't stand this day. I fundamentally HATE it. I
hate IT!
Thankfully, this year it's not a school day so I figured I
was spared of the ritual humiliation/pranking this day
Boy, was I in for a shock!
I got a msg from "V", my friend who had the suicide episode
described previously. She had been egged on by her friend
Cat to tell me something......
She'd dumped her b/f because she likes me! Woooooo-hoooooo!
I am suspicious of course but I have nothing to lose.
Well, there is G........Damn timing. This is deep, heavy,
complex, intense
What am I going to do?

Do you have any ideas, everyone???????????

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