Visions Of Life
2002-02-14 14:36:50 (UTC)

Valentine's Day...

Today is Valentine's Day. For once, that is a good thing..

**I need to take a moment tho to express that my morning so
far has been awful. I have screamed in frustration and
anger. It will pass but I am quite inconvienianced.. and
fucking pissed off. But I know te day will get alot

This is the first V-day I have had a significant other to
share the day with. I know this holiday is cheesy and its
only purpose is to make merchants money, but i get a cute
lil warm fuzzy feeling knowing I have someone to celebrate
with. yeah yeah.. Im sappy.. sue me..

One thing tho.. I feel like the gods are punishing me. I
have had horrible luck lately and I dont understand why. I
am a good person. I am nice and caring and giving and I
dont do anything illegal? Why am I burdened with all of
these tests? I dont get it.. I guess to have something great
in my life I need to give up everything else.. or at least
my sanity.. Hefty price but its worth it.

Hmm.. I had alot of nice stuff to say but i am pissed off..
I cant wait till i see my bf tho....

Work is good. Life is annoying but good. I am happy.