DayDream Believer
2002-02-14 10:01:04 (UTC)

Valentines Day

Valentines day and new year eve is the only days in the whole year when it suces
to be singel...
I love it, Im free, I can do what ever I want without have to ask someone or tell
someone first.
But on valentines day, the you realise that it sure would have been nice
to have a boy friend. Of course then its to late, and the werry next day you
probobly forgot all about it.

Nothing happend to me, exept that I had to wach my school beeing over
dumped with careds, flowers and roses.
Some got all happy and goofey about it and some got mad and teard
the roses appart in the hall.
For sevral days I`ve been watshing all the sweet cards in the stores and all
the valenine and love stuff they suddently started to sell.
I was wondering for a moment if I should send S* one , but I diddnt.
Instead I send him a message in his guestbook.

I have sent one valentine card, once.
It was for Miguel, two years ago, I did a lot of sweet things back then.
So here I am, its valentines day, and I swear by next valentines day Im gonna
have a boyfriend to be all sweet and nice to on this day!
.......... Yeah Right.
Hopfuly everything will be okey tomorrow when the cleaning ladies have
removed all the broken roses and tha paper from gifts.
Its amazing how manny diffrent love and hart thing you can get now in
these days...
Next year I`ll think Im gonna be sisck at this day.

Valentine Love From Angel