down in my eyes
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2002-02-14 08:28:20 (UTC)

kinda sucks

"I think i'm giving up on love, 'cos it really kinda sucks."

"Can you take it all awaaaaaaaaaay....
This pain you gave to meeeee....
WEll you shoved it in my faaaaaaaace....
Nooooooooooooooooo... this pain you gave to meeeeeee.."

"When there's no place left to go.. maybe that's when
you'll know...
& now its time to make a choice,
And all I want to hear is your voice.."

All these songs are in my head.. it's 1220am right now,~
My eyes are droopy and tired.. but who really cares,?
Valentine's Day SUCKS. my head's starten to hurt..
Ok, I'm really going to bed this time.

Peace outZzZz.