Luke's Poetic Interview
2002-02-14 04:35:51 (UTC)


Silence breaks into two harmonic paths
Separate, but equal
Silence vanishes into music

Two souls dance a snake dance
A forbidden pleasure dance
Tangled in an impossible knot
Strangling each other in ecstasy
So tightly intertwined
Two appear as one

One falls in two
Harmonies emerge
And converse in mysterious tongues
Suspicious glances turn to grace
As the two streams once again converge
And the whitewater that ensues
Calls to all the thirsty souls
Close enough to hear the roar

Those who hear
Come to the waters edge
The icy mist falls
Like a ghost
On the heads in the crowd
Spirits shiver in delight

Music fades
Silence advances
Two become one

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