What's up now?
2002-02-14 04:35:03 (UTC)


I hate snotty people, especially when it just goes on
and on and on....pretty much ONLY really truely nice
when they need!!!
Anyways...they shut off rachels internet port in our room,
so of course that means I dont have mine either! Kinda
irritates the hell outta me...but whatever, she says its
not her fault, so I cant and wouldnt be mad, i just have
some research to do, and that means I have to go
elsewhere to do it....ahhh well...I'm pretty friggin happy
to be getting away from here....SOOO much drama and
I'm sick of it!!! I just want to have some real fun, NO
drama involved :) That would be nice, for a
change....anyways, I have to get studying, I have a test
tomorrow, so I have to do some internet research :)
Have a good day/night! See most of you soon!!!