Mysterious Attitude
Ad 0:
2002-02-14 03:58:42 (UTC)

Monday Feb. 10-Wednesday Feb. 13

*Time: 9:27 p.m.
*Wearing: 2Pac shirt and blue jean shorts
*Jewelry: tha usual
*Hair: down messed up
*Listenin to : Jon B- Pleasures U Like
*Eating/Drinkin: nutting
*Song of the day: Don't Talk-Jon B
*Weather: sorta cold and sunny all tha dayz
*Talking to : no one my away message is on
*Mood: sick/depressed/happy
*Thinking: I can't believe that Steven is dead :(


I went to school Monday but ended up getting sent home
sumtime during lunch. I was sooo sick until I got home that
is lol. Anywho I got home at 10:30 p.m and I did some of my
homework. I was watchin tv and saw that tha Prince movie
Graffiti Bridge was on. So I watched that and after my gram
and uncle left I watched sum music videos and sum science
shows lol. That's about all I really did that day.


~*~*STEVEN RIP~*~*

I was at school and in my second hour class people were
talkin bout how this boy that went to block middle school
got killed. When they said it was a Steven I started to
freak out, I was hopin it wasn't tha Steven I was talkin
to. Well,... ::Sighs:: it was... I'll put tha newspaper
article on another entry to explain more. I was tryin to
hold back my tears and I did until I got into tha car after
school. As soon as I got in there I cried. I still can't
believe that he is dead RIP. I later found out that it was
gang related... Steven was in tha Latin Kings and sum peeps
from tha IG gang were the ones who beat him to death :(


Tha same day Sam told me that he got tha tickets to the
Prince concert for me! It made me feel a LOT better. So yea
I'll be seein my baby boo soon!! lol


Omg omg, can u believe it? I actually got a hold of Jack.
I found his screen name and he was on... so I IMed him and
guess what he gave me his number again! I called him at
11:30 p.m. and we talked and mmm had phone sex lol. Eh ...
but hell I missed him and I hope I'll be talkin to him a
lot more!!!


I'm not quite sure if I said this already but sumday this
week Lydia Imed me and basically told me she is goin to get
me sumthing for v-day. Well, hehe I'm goin to give her 2
angels that my uncle made,a card,cookies, and sumthin
else :) I'm goin to see if my mom will take me to her work
so I can give all her stuff to her :)

~*~*BOBBY MY EX~*~*

He had imed me and I found out tha he will be a security
guard at my school in 3 weeks!! Damn dude this is goin to
be interesting lol. :::shakes her head::: It can only
happen to me. Eh... I hope he was lying!!! lol if
not ::Sighs:: I dunno I don't wanna think bout it.


Hehe... a while ago everyone in my school took this lil
survey thingy... which would tell u like 15 boys in tha
school that u were compatible with and name 2 gurls that
would be your best friends. I brought my results today (for
a 1.50) so look below to see who is on my list lol.


Arturo S- 64% 8th grade: A smart mexican boy who is ... mmm
sorta cute I guess.

Raymond R.- 61% 8th grade: I have no idea who he is

Julius M.- 58% 8th grade: I have no idea who he is

Juan O.- 58% 8th grade: I have no idea who he is

Dominique K- 55% 7th grade: I have no idea who he is

Glen S.- 55% 7th grade: I have no idea who he is

Rodney S.- 55% 7th grade: I have no idea who he is

Victor H.- 55% 8th grade: Sum big boy who is ugly lol

Alex R.- 55% 8th grade: A sorta cute mexican boy, he luvs
himself tho lol. He's in my english class

Luis V.- 55% 8th grade: A sorta cute mexican boy who is in
my math class.

Alfonso V.- 55% 8th grade: Hehe omg omg I was sooo happy to
see his name on my thingy lol. Woo hoo go Helena!

Manuel Q.- 52% 7th grade: I have no idea who he is

Jesus C.- 52% 8th grade: I think I know who he is but i
aint sure lol.

Moises L.-52% 8th grade: Eh... a boy I had in sum classes
last year. Not cute at all!

Jose N- 52% 8th grade: Sum boy I have in my science class,
he is a dumbass and ain't cute at all.

Best Friends:

Basheena W.- 64% 8th grade- This stuck up gurl who is in my
math class.

Melissa C.- 61% 7th grade- I have no idea who she is.

Eh ... overall I'm happy bout tha results lol. I'm just
mad that Adrian wasn't on it :(


I don't think I have ever mentioned him before, he's this
cute short boy who is in my English class. He loves to draw
and can do it really well. He's very sweet also, with a
touch of sexuality lol.
Anywho today he showed my this picture he drawled of a
lion with a human man body showin its dick... To tell u tha
truth it shocked me lol. I think he may be a flurry and
also bi(sumone who is sexually attracted to animals/dress
up in furry costumes when havin sex) Tha drawin also had
tha dick pierced, when I asked him why he told me that he
wants his pierced in 2 places. I was like omg no he just
didn't tell me that... lol it blew my mind I couldn't
finish my work cuz it literally turned me on that much
When he saw tha results above he was like mmm I wonder why
I wasn't on yours. Hehe woo hoo! A few times he had drawled
things on his stomach and he just came up to me asked me if
I wanted to see it and pulled his shirt up. Even tho he is
small he has tha nicest body!!! hehe omg I gotta quit lol.
Like I was sayin he is soo sweet tho! Hehe my kind of guy
I tell u... he seems to be gay or sumthin tho but hell I
don't give a damn that makes him hotter to me!

~*~*THATS ALL~*~*

Well, I guess that is about all. I'm out of things to say.
I just called Jack at 9:30 but there he wasn't home. Oh
well its all good tho I will call him on Friday :) I guess
I shall spell check all this and then add tha article to
this... :( I'm bout to start cryin again I still can't
believe Steven is dead :( Eh... bye bye 4 now