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2002-02-14 00:14:39 (UTC)

I do not know Mel - she does not know me

Rainy days of a Wednesday. Well I discovered what my enemies
or her false friends had told. Mel said me she really
believed in all things they lied about me. Even they never
had known me. Because they are near from her. She believed
they was friends of her. She had a boyfriend at beaches and
have no more. She is more hopeless than year. Now I really
need to help her. She does not know it. People said her I
do not like her. She believed in her false friends.
That kind of people are some thing hamburgs or people that
live in cities and things every thing can be acquired by
money. They believe tomatos are made in a factory and do
not come from nature.
She is far from me. Only way to touch her was by her love
friend Carol.
I will try to disguise I have a story. It would make Mel
notice that needs me. If she wanted it will be more easy
to help her. I think we never had a chance. But better
had tried that never show the face.
Tomorrows rainy days in paradise.

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