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2002-02-14 03:01:36 (UTC)

never buy flowers

I have this curse upon me and its odd that katie remembered
it today when I mentioned buying flowers for Meredith. See
whenever I buy flowers for people it never works out, and
today would be no exception, see tomorrow I was going to
have flowers left of her porch then when I walk her home
they would be there with a note from me. But before
Valenties day has ever started shes pulled out, again I
hear the words of "when are you going to ask me out" and
then when im close or actulay do it. Then it never works,
im sorry but what do I do? What do I do wrong, is it so
hard to find a decent girl in this world!?! Im so fed up
with people, I dont like them one bit, they cause so much
pain. The do, and its no fun anymore, I miss my friends. I
dont like going my days without many people to talk to,
once again New Found Glory sums it up "This holiday is over
rated, it turned out the way I expected, this holiday is
one to forget, another year this time I regret that I spent
too much time and money on you" Happy Valenties Day

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