Nick's Journal
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2002-02-14 02:12:26 (UTC)

Things I Like

1. People that hold the door. I don't know why, but i
feel like the fucking king of the world when someone gives
me a long distance door hold.
2. speaking of long distance. long distance finger points
leading to high fives, especially when they span the
length of the drill field.
3. pushing little kids over
4. pushing protesters over
5. saving animals from the fucking s.p.c.a., those
murdering facists.
6. music that everyone else hates.
7. taco bell
8. OH!'s in im conversations. when an OH! is preceding an
im you know it's gotta be good unless some people try to
trick you (shaking of fist).
9. shaking my fist.
10. hahahaha, i just thought of something that would MAKE
my day.
if one of those dumb fucks lobbying for recycled paper
gets a paper cut!!!!!!!!!!
damn i gotta change my boxers after that one.

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