Nick's Journal
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2002-02-14 02:02:38 (UTC)

Things I Don't Like

ok, here's some stuff that i don't like.
1. dumbass nerds......what's the point of being a nerd if
your'e gonna be stupid? that's sorta like the worse of
both worlds.
2. people that correct if I'M the one
correcting then it's cool cos i'm really smart, but i hate
it when others do it, especialyl when they do it to me. i
mean come on. i know i'm a retard. i just like to think
i'm smart. so when i say something stupid just slap me on
the ass, and say "nice job nick, you're NOT an idiot".
don't say "noooooooooo 2 2 = 4 not 57, ya dumb sack o'
3. people that protest. put down your signs and pick up a
broom. for the love of god. you may know everything there
is to know about the oppressed manatees, but the rest of
the world doesn't give a flying fuck.
4. frat brothers in bowling alleys. you ain't gotsta
shriek like a bunch of chimpanzees everytime you get a
strike. and if you really want an excuse to constantly
grope each other then watch some porn or something.
5. people that take long in a food line. you don't have
to open up each pizza box, i promise you they're all
shitty. just take one and keep moving.
6. hungry fat people. i made the mistake of taking the
inside lane to the cashier and confronted one of them. i
was in her way and she was running like a rat in a maze.
dizzying through the roped in areas. grabbing food
everywhere and coming towards me like a really fat steam
engine. i barely was able to jump up on the salad bar.
7. people for equal rights. shut up.
8. people that think society has cheated them. shut up
9. mother fuckers that don't flush the toilet. just
jiggle the lever guys. i'm sure you have enough experience
jiggling stuff
10. people that doubt themselves and what they do. don't
hold back for the love of god. let me just say one quote
that i think is great (and i dont' know who said it
although i'm sure it's someone really famous so if you
know it, please refer to # 2 on this list)
"You'll regret the things you didn't do a lot more than
the ones things you did do."

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