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2002-02-14 02:00:00 (UTC)

Sick of Life

"I wanna know, why I've always felt alone, and I wanna
love. Why am I untouchable? Yeah, I'm gonna do it again,
gonna do it again, gonna do it again. Sick, of, my life,
I'm tired of everything, in, my life..."

--"Sick of Life" by Godsmack

This month will be "Godsmack month" for me. Each entry will
have a lyric from Godsmack for us to think about, and
reflect on. Today's is from "Sick of Life"

Haven't we all felt that way before? Alone, untouched,
unwanted, not cared for? I know I have, and do I blame
myself? Partly, but I blame alot of issues that people seem
to have with themselves, and society as a whole.

Frivolity seems to be the word that defines alot of their
lives, and it saddens me to see it. Worrying over mundane
matters, things like appearance, knowing the
proverbial "who's who" and other junk like that. It's all
rubbish for the most part. Sure, we all wanna look decent
now and then, and we'd like to know who's kool to hang out
with, right? But when it goes so far as to exclusion and
delusion, is when it all goes down the drain

What can we truely expect from people who live false lives?
It's obvious from alot of them that their charades of
superficiality and superflousness are all facetious; they
are not necessarily playing out their true lives, but are,
for all intensive purposes, manifesting some insecurity(or
insecurities as the case may be) through an attempt to
be 'one of the cool people' or something of that nature.
The end result is a person so far from themselves that they
don't even remember what they were like when they were
still them. The facade becomes real, fantasy becomes
reality, and it all tumbles down the proverbial hill of

When we feel alone, alienated, we subject ourselves to
constant mental tortures. We want to know why. We want to
know what made us become such an outcast. Thus, we become
sick of our lives, and look for any means necessary to
change that, and become somebody, not remain being nobody

To those who don't supress their feelings, and speak their
minds, kudos to you. It's not easy to be yourself (except
maybe for one person, she knows who she is) sometimes, but
when you are, in the end, you can feel much better about
yourself than you could be by playing everyone else for
fools, including yourself

"The JoZ"

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